WHEREAS:               The  people (Town) of  Maunabo  are  proud  to  have  a  Non-Profit Organization known  as  Liga  Guakia  Taina  ke that  is  pro-conservation, protection  and  management of  our indigenous cultural and  natural heritage.
WHEREAS:               This  institution was  born on  the  January  6,  2006 and  through full  and perpetual  will was  destined  to represent  those  that  reclaim  their natural  and  ethno-historical indigenous  heritage before authorities of  the Commonwealth  of  Puerto  Rico and  the  Municipal Government  of  Maunabo.
WHEREAS:               We recognize Naguake  Community as rightful  representatives  and  inheritors of  the  original indigenous  peoples,  popularly  known as  Tainos. Creating community-school  programs for  improving the quality  of  life  through  traditional  values  and ancestral  knowledge.
WHEREAS:               These  programs  touch  the  cultural  fabric creating  awareness in the  communities about  the importance  of  protecting Mother  Earth and  the  well-being  of  the  communities,  country  and  World.  Attending the  physical, emotional,  spiritual, and  moral elements  that  contribute  to  the healthy formation  of  our  future generation..  
WHEREAS:               With their  sacrifice and  dedication they offer  the town  of  Maunabo the  rights of  those  that  reclaim their Taino  heritage. Making  known: “That their  rights  for rescuing their  ethno-historical  and  cultural patrimony, community  coexistence and  their  ancestral lands,  are inalienable, inviolable, and  irrevocable.  
WHEREAS:               I, Jorge  L.  Márquez  Pérez,  Mayor  of the  Municipality  of  Maunabo, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the  Law  of  Autonomous Municipalities,  I hereby recognize the   Liga  Guakia  Taina  ke  for  their  work with  the  citizens of  Maunabo,  where  they  have  offered  conduction and  defense of  the rights  and  interests in the  preservation of  our  indigenous  culture.
THEREFORE:         In WITNESS  WHEREOF, I  have hereunto set my hand  and
caused the official seal of the Municipality  of  Maunabo. 
                                                            Hon.  Jorge  Luis  Márquez  Pérez                                    

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